Well, the Christmas season of 2011 is passing us by.  I am still a fairly new parent.  And I invested a lot of time and concern this year thinking about how to teach my kids that Christmas is about giving, more than it is about receiving.  I used to blame the commercialism of the world.  But as I look at our lives, I see a lot of time and effort focused on what a kid will receive and very little spent on what that child will give.  Not just on their end, on my end as well.  And so I have some interesting ideas to try next year.  But on Christmas day itself, I had a strange revelation.

If a day is about giving, then it must equally be about receiving.  It cannot merely be one or the other.  A gift by definition must be both given and received.  Now maybe I assumed that my children, gifted as they are, would be perfectly capable of receiving presents.  But what if I spent more time on the concept of gratitude?  Not merely after the presents have been distributed, but before?  Maybe year round even?  And honestly, the more I thought about the idea that Christmas is about giving, the more I started to realize that the first Christmas was a huge gift.  Or which I am the RECEIVER.

So maybe I need to focus more on receiving Christmas.  And if I truly receive, I think it just might turn me into a giver as well.  Maybe I should help my kids love their gifts, to play fervently with them, and then they might want others to have that joy themselves.  Maybe I should stop and realize just how much I have received.  I have always gotten more joy from giving.  But I am learning to enjoy receiving as well.  From others and from God.  I cannot give Christmas to Him; I must receive it.



P.S.  We’ll soon be talking more about this idea of receiving from God as the album release draws closer.  It’s coming soon… March.

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