If you don’t know already, a few years ago I wrote and recorded a Christmas record called Do You See What I See.  It is one of my favorite experiences in life so far.  God really opened the Christmas story to me that year.  I ended up writing a song from the perspective of each person involved in the Christmas story.  If you don’t have that record, it will be on sale for $5 on Amazon.com starting Christmas morning.  If you do, then you are already familiar with this idea.  What you don’t know is that originally there was going to be a hidden track.

I wrote another song in this circle of songs.  We’ll call it “The Ballad of the Donkey”.  It was just a joke, written from the perspective of the donkey who got kicked out of the stable so Jesus could be born there.  He was sleeping out in the cold, wondering what was going on inside that was so important.  Now, I just wrote it out of a light-hearted moment.  But over time, I have begun to understand it in a little deeper way

I think every person outside of the Christian faith is kind of like that fictional donkey at Christmas.  They are looking in at the spectacle, wondering what the big deal is.  They are still in the middle of their lives, some of them in the darkest parts of their lives.  And Christmas doesn’t look so beautiful to them

This Christmas I hope you will notice the person checking you out at Wal-mart.  The guy out in the rain gathering the grocery carts.  The girl that’s not happy about working  the day after Christmas and so she’s rude to you.  Remember that they don’t understand what’s going on.  Treat them like Jesus came down from heaven to rescue them.  Because He did.