(Sorry, everyone.  I wrote this on the plane Thursday and forgot to post it.  Well, I forgot because we had to run catch a plane and in the process, I lost my phone.  Oh and then my credit card got declined at the car rental place, because I had already used it that day at the same company in a different state.  So in the hustle and bustle, I forgot to post it.  But with no further ado…)

Well, we’ve had a crazy week, and it’s only Thursday night.  Right now we’re on a plane, a plane we had to sprint across the Houston Hobby airport to catch, after barely catching our plane from New Orleans, after barely making it to New Orleans in time for some great beignets at Cafe Du Monde with Tom and Daniel from Lifesongs Radio, after barely making it to Power 88 FM in Mobile, AL, to have lunch with Kenny and the gang, after getting up at 5am to make it to WHJT at Mississippi College in Jackson TN this morning.  So you kind of get an idea of what we’ve been up to.

This week I’ve been traveling around this part of the nation introducing the first singles off of our records to radio staff and some listeners.  My first single is called God Undefeatable.  It’s an amazing worship song we sing at my church.  You can get the church’s new worship CD from iTunes (Austin Stone Live) or you can go to the austinstoneworship.com website and see the chord charts, teaching videos, the theology behind the songs, and even watch the CD release night of worship.

My friend Jeremy Horn has been with me as well.  For those of you who don’t know him, he’s a great worship leader from Memphis, TN.  He’s the worship pastor at Christ The Rock church in Memphis.  You can check his stuff out at jeremyhornmusic.com or go to noisetrade.com/jeremyhorn and download a free EP of some of his older songs.  His new single is called Surrender.  Be careful.  You’ll be singing it all day like I have this week.  He co-wrote it with some of my friends, Aaron Ivey and Chris Collins.  Great song.

So we have hit three cities a day all week.  We started in St. Louis, hanging with Greg and Johnathan at 99.1.  Then we visited Jim and Darren at KCVO in Camdenton MO.  We closed day one with dinner in Springfield MO with Chalmer, Aaron, and Mike from KWND.  And then, of course, I had to introduce Jeremy to Andy’s Custard.

Tuesday started at KXOJ in Tulsa.  We just had a quick chat over coffee, so I’m sorry we missed all of you there.  Hopefully, we’ll be back soon for the CD release.  Then we headed to NW Arkansas to have some pizza with the guys from KLRC.  And then we headed to Fort Smith and got to hang out with some of you and played a few songs.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks to KZKZ for hosting us.

Wednesday began in Dallas, eating at the Local Diner with Mike from KLTY.  It’s always good to be back in the old stomping ground.  We loved hanging out with the crew from KVNE in Tyler over lunch.  Those guys have been so supportive of me over the years.  I loved getting to introduce them to Jeremy.  We headed to Monroe LA to have a great dinner and even better conversation with Jeremiah from KBMQ.  Afterwards, we still had to drive to Clinton MS to be ready to start this morning.

It hasn’t all been work.  Well, yes, I guess it has.  But we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.  Last night we got into a “What worship songs did you play 20 years ago?” contest.  We remembered some great songs.  And a few not as great songs.  Now we’re on a plane to Corpus Christi TX to start tomorrow.  Get a few hours of sleep tonight and get back to it.