I’ve heard comments from a number of people about the fact that I don’t answer my own questions. I usually start a conversation and then let you guys discuss it. I always enjoy reading your comments. But today I thought I’d participate as well. For those of you who haven’t chimed in yet, the question was, “What person in the Bible do you identify with the most? And why?”

So my answer is probably Jacob. I have always been favored and most of the time undeservedly. I have learned to trust deceit and control rather than finding peace in God’s sovereignty. But God has kept me on His path. A crazy path a lot of the time, but still His blessings are undeniable. Like Jacob, I found a wife in an unlikely place. Fortunately I didn’t find two. I’m glad I missed that part of the story. And God has been gracious enough to continue to wound me to bring me to the right place. A fairly constant pain in a hip has been a long term reminder that I have been touched by God. And His touch is a blessing, but it also often hurts. Holiness cannot meet unholiness without causing something dramatic. Pure flame cannot encounter the flammable without combusting. But it leaves us in a better place. Well, it’s leaving me in a better place. Every day, a better place.