While preparing for church this week at the Austin Stone, I have been studying the baptism of Jesus in Mark 1: 2-11. As I read about the Spirit descending in the form of the dove, I remembered sermons I’ve heard on the many different things the dove might represent, each preacher quite sure of their interpretation. It’s strange how confident we can be on some of the mysteries God has left for us. This weekend I’d love for you to comment about what you feel the dove means. I think we can all benefit from each other’s interpretations, and I know I’ll benefit from your background, study, and insight. I’ll start. Obviously, I don’t know what it means exactly, but my favorite things I’ve learned so far have to do with the dove being the burnt offering found in Leviticus 1. It is the offering for the poorest people. Also, as a burnt offering, it is completely consumed. I have no idea if this is why the Spirit took this form, but I love the imagery. And after thinking about it, I’m fairly sure God purposefully included a lot of direct and indirect messages in all of His choices throughout the Scripture. But I loved the picture of an offering for the poor, tying into the first Beatitude, and the complete consumption of the offering.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. And… discuss.