One of the most common questions I get is, “Do you know Fill In The Blank CCM artist? What are they really like?” So I decided to write a blog about it. Here’s all the dirt on your favorite artists. Okay, not really dirt. I don’t have any desire to drag anyone’s name through the mud. You won’t find any dirty secrets here. Instead, I’d like you to get the chance to know them like I know them. As a person. As a friend. So let me introduce to you my friend, Mike Weaver.

You would know Mike as the lead singer of Big Daddy Weave. You probably wouldn’t know that he plays a mean heavy metal guitar. I should know, I’ve heard the recordings. Unexpected, but wonderful. I’ve always enjoyed BDW’s music and the two tours we did with them are still among our favorites. One of the best things about Mike is the joy he brings when he walks into a room. It’s awesome to have a friend who is going to make you smile, not because they know a lot of jokes but just because they enjoy life. I, of course, am nothing like that, and therefore, took full advantage.

Where does that spunk come in most handy, you ask? Early morning radio interviews. I don’t know why people listen to Christian radio in the morning, but they do, and so, that’s when they want us to do interviews. Unfortunately, I’m not a morning person. So I’m pretty terrible at early morning interviews. But Mike… he’s the golden child. I’m not even sure what that exactly means, but he’s the greatest at morning fun. He always has the energy and the right thing to say, and I think he may even enjoy it. So doing interviews with him is awesome. Because he does all the work. He is fun and funny. He’s just what people want from morning Christian radio. Then when they ask a deep spiritual question, he lets me get in one quality answer, so I can get credit for being there. And then he wraps it up. We’re a great team.

The other thing you should know about Mike that you probably won’t ever get the chance to find out is that he has a real heart for prayer. I don’t mean he’s organizing huge prayer rallies or anything. But on tour we would lead devotionals together and he was always in charge of the prayer side of things. I learned so much being with him. I don’t know if he really has any secrets to prayer. He just loves Jesus, and therefore loves to talk to Him. His prayers were so authentic, and not the new cool “bare feet means you’re humble” authentic. It was just Mike talking to Jesus the same way Mike talks to me but with more joy, because he’s talking to the One who brings him joy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know my friend Mike Weaver. Take some time today to pull out an old Big Daddy Weave CD and give it another listen. Or maybe jump on iTunes and buy the newest one. Take a moment and pray for Mike, his wife, and their kids. You can follow him on Twitter at @mikedaddyweave. Check out and find out when they’re coming to a city near you and go see them in concert. It’s a blast. Oh, and don’t play him in ping pong. He will murder you.

Thoughts? Favorite Big Daddy Weave song?