I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who commented on my last blog. It’s something that has really been on my heart, and I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say you both encouraged and challenged me with your words. I can’t wait to hear what songs come out of these ideas, whether they are mine or someone else’s.

God also used your stories to make me very thankful for my church. Many of your comments reminded me of things I used to say. And thankfully, at my church, many of those things aren’t around any more. We do have deep songs. We do seriously approach God and who He is. We are learning how to love our neighbor. We can always use more of these songs, but I remember when I felt like they didn’t exist. I remember when I thought everything was fluff. So I’m glad God has brought me to a wonderful church home. Thanks to all of my family at the Stone. And I hope the rest of you are encouraged as well. God does continue to lead us on the journey when we are willing to go. And sometimes even when we are not.

Thanks again.