Well, I really enjoyed my week off from twittering and blogging. I think I may do that consistently. One week per month. Maybe the first week of each month. No social media, just invest in my family. Of course, that’s not saying that I don’t invest in my family the rest of the time. I do, but I did enjoy not having to think about anything else. It was kind of like I got to focus inside my house and forget about everyone else. Most of the time I work inside my house but I still think about everything else. I guess it reminds me of the silence retreats they do at monasteries. They say it takes a whole day, maybe more, of complete silence before your brain even starts to slow down. That’s kind of what this was like. It takes a few days before I stop the frenetic nature of my brain, trying to think about my wife, think about my kids, think about my music, think about the record, think about the mix, think about the guitar part, think about writing new songs, think about studying, think about church, think about blogging, think about who might be reading that blog, etc. But after finishing the first version of the new record, Paul (my producer) said to step away for a few days. It was hard, but over time the list started whittling down. By the end, I was thinking about my wife, my kids, and my relationship with God. The mix reared its ugly head a few times. But mostly I was focused here. That was good. I think I may make it a more regular part of my life.