Well, yesterday was another good day. At least here in the studio. I finished the last of my acoustic tracks. Well, come to think of it, there is one other song that doesn’t have drums. So I still need to do that one. It’s called House of Boxes, so that will probably be on the list of what to do today. Sadler finished up another song, Letting Go. It sounds killer. So today will be more guitars and probably the first vocals. So again you can be praying for all of us: Paul, Scott, Sadler, and me.

You can also continue to pray for my family and home. We still have one sick kid. She’s been sick a lot this year. And she’s having a hard time getting well right now. If that wasn’t enough, some pipes froze at our house last night. Not the regular ones. We take care of those. It was the pipes to the washing machine in the utility room. So please pray for my wife, as she has to deal with all these things on her own with me far away. Thanks.