Well, yesterday went well. Kids are doing better. Wife is better as well, and most importantly they all got a good night of sleep last night. That always helps. At least in my family.

Here at work, I knocked out three songs on acoustic. Sadler finished one on electric. But it’s a good one. And I finished two of my hardest songs, so that’s good to have under my belt.

It’s really been neat to watch all this come together. For the first time in my career, Paul is really approaching me not as a musician, but as a communicator of truth. And in that line, our purpose is to communicate well and to communicate to as many as God allows. So we are having conversations over melody, over arrangement, over tone, that all ask how can we best communicate this to people. I’m really enjoying it. It’s definitely challenging me.

So today, still please pray for my family. Recuperating is always tough. Heading back into your schedule when you’re still not 100% is hard. And also be praying for us. Paul, Scott, Sadler, and I will all be at work today. We’ll probably be doing electric guitars on You Are Good and Love is a Lot About You. And we’ll probably get to work on Letting Go today as well, for all those of you in Recovery and those of you that should be.

Well, it’s time to eat my oatmeal and head to work.