Well, the guys might have worked this weekend but I’ve been at home. I’m about to take off for the airport now. It’s 4:15AM. Yes, AM. Ridiculous. But it means I get to work a whole week and be home with my family. Today will be a hard one. Both kids are sick, one throwing up, one with a high fever. Please be praying for them, and for my wife who also has to work today. I’m very grateful this morning for a mother-in-law who was willing to drive down last night to be with the kids today.

However, when I do get to work today, I believe we’ll be doing guitars and vocals. So you can pray for Sadler and I. And of course, Paul and Scott who are running the show. And Denton, the drummer, is heading home today so you can pray for his safe travel as well.

I’ve got to head to the airport and to the studio.