Well, yesterday went great. We finished drums, bass, and guitar on two songs. One of them is a new one I wrote a couple of weeks ago with Jason Ingram called “The One You Want”. I think it’s really going to be special. It’s just about how shocked I am most of the time that God can love me. But that’s when I look at me, and focus on my infirmities and iniquities. But when we look solely at Him, it is difficult to doubt anything about Him. Maybe I should write a song about that too. How our focus determines how we see God. Anyway…

Today I’m working with Jason and Rusty again. It’s vocal day. So we’ll be singing a lot today. I’d appreciate your prayers. I haven’t been singing very well lately. I don’t know if it’s been the weather or if my voice is out of shape or what. But I really want to nail these songs. I think you guys deserve that. More so, I think God deserves it. So I’d really appreciate your prayers for Rusty, Jason and I as we work today. Thanks.


P.S. After today, we leave off working on the record until after the new year. So you won’t see any updates for a while.