Well, yesterday was my first unsuccessful day. Of songwriting that is. It was my first day home so, I spent it with my wife, my kids, and my church. Church was incredible yesterday morning. We talked about the sin that we go to such great lengths to hide, but that God is actively working to expose our sin. He knows that it is best for us to live in the light. We were in Genesis 20, such as strange story of Abraham pretending Sarah is his sister, and preserving his life while losing his wife. Sorry for the rhyme there.

Anyway, great day with the family. But as we moved into bookreading time, which is right before the kids’ bedtime, I started falling asleep in my chair. The exhaustion from the past few days was sinking in. After the kids were in bed, my lovely wife stepped in as my caretaker and said no late night work, it was time for bed. So I didn’t get to finish what I had started that morning.

But I got some more lyrics done on the Villain song (as it’s already come to be known in my brain). And I got started on a new worship song about being satisfied in Christ. Looking forward to trying to finish that today.