Yesterday was a day of finishing and beginning. I finished two songs that had their birth in prior days. And started a new one. First up was finishing the House of Boxes song from Day one. Then was the major work of the day. Finishing up a song that for now is called Don’t You Think. It’s about Jesus calling his disciples to follow. First verse is about Peter. Second verse is about the rich young ruler. Lots of people don’t realize that, but the rich young ruler received the same “Follow Me” invitation that the rest of the guys did. He was invited to be a disciple. Which makes his walking away even more tragic. And of course, the bridge is about me receiving the same invitation. To follow Him and find more in this life that I had ever imagined.

Then I got about 2/3 of another song knocked out. Right now, it’s called “Faith vs. Works” but I have a feeling someone will eventually make me change the title to “Someone You Love”. It’s looking at the idea of faith and works found in Galatians 2, but setting it in a human relationship. I found it makes it much more clear. For me at least. The first lines are:

I could bring you flowers
That might make you happy
But it doesn’t change the fact that I broke your heart

Basically, just looking into the idea that while I can tip the scales of good vs bad, all the good I do can’t erase one bad thing I’ve done. I have to have faith that she can love me anyway. Her love changes the price of my past, not mine. The same is true with God but to the infinite degree. One mistake keeps me away from Him, and it is His sacrifice, not mine, that can change all of that. The chorus says this:

Nothing I can do can erase what I have done
Nothing I can say could take any pain away
I just have to believe
You look at the villain in me
And you still see someone you love

And it’s a rocker. Which is always fun. Hope your songs are going well. Till tomorrow.