Totally finished two songs, one great, one still being evaluated, and got all but the bridge on another.  So I count that as 2 & 3/4.  Which brings my two day total to about 4 & 5/12 songs.  Pretty good.  

Started today with the Big Boy Breakfast from Athens Restaurant in Nashville.  Then headed to write with Jason Ingram.  Love that guy.  Really enjoyed working with him today.  We wrote a song called “The One You Want”.  It’s about feeling undeserving of God’s love.  Which I am.  Undeserving, that is.  First line of the chorus is: “It’s hard for me to believe, I could be lovely in Your eyes.”  (The comma was there so you could feel the break in the melody.  I realize that it is grammatically incorrect.  Just in case, I have any red ink English teachers among my blog community.)

Second session today was with Chad Cates and Tony Wood.  Great guys.  We went a completely different direction.  Actually it was even a different direction from where I started the song.  I learn so much from these guys.  They know so much about songwriting.  About melodies, about structure, about lyric choices.  I just sing whatever comes out.  But I’m learning a ton from them.  We wrote a song called “I Need You”.  It’s about how the difficult times remind me that I really need God every moment of every day, not just the tough ones.  I really loved the bridge, as we turned from my need to how He supplies out of His character: “You are my Creator, You are my Redeemer, You are my Sustainer, O God”.  Very worshipful.  I worshipped at least.

Hope your songs went well today.  And by the way, if you’re a part of #7in7, I’ve totally been cheating.  I’ve been writing with the pros in Nashville for two days.  But tomorrow I have to pay my dues and write one new songs while driving the van back to Austin.  

If you’re not doing #7in7, then do something creative today anyway.  Write a story.  Take a picture.  Make a diorama in a shoebox.