Well, day one is over and I’m exhausted.  I don’t know if i can take a week of this.  But I have two mostly completed songs and one great guitar part to write over.  I’m really grateful for Andrew Osenga today.  He’s a new friend and incredible musician who really pulled a difficult song out of me today.  Right now it’s called “House of Boxes”.  It starts with packing the truck to move back to Texas, to get married, to become a father.  Andy said he was really interested in what makes people move.  Not necessarily move to a new house, but to move their live into action.  Cool thought.

Second song today was much more planned and purposeful.  Its called “Loved”.  It starts with the idea of breakups and what they do to our idea of ourselves as lovable.  Then we spend the rest of our lives, often in relationships where true love exists, and we are trying to believe someone could love us.  We are trying to break the chains of hopelessness that cause us to be self-destructive and self-defeating. We are learning how to be loved.

Okay, I have to go to sleep.  Or there will be no songs tomorrow.