The band was talking this morning about forgiveness. Well, about God as a pardoner to be specific. We talked about how difficult it is to rest in our forgiveness. It seems like everything in us rebels against that idea. But I started thinking about my kids. When my kids make a mistake, it does not damage our relationship. I don’t ever think, “I’m not sure I can forgive them one more time.” I may be sad or even frustrated, but it’s a momentary passing thing. When the tantrum is over, I am not angry. I am glad, grateful that the moment has passed and that we can journey once again into the joys of our relationship. I do not count the mistakes they make. I live in the pleasure of our family that brings such joy all of the rest of the time. I do not let the 5% damage the 95%. Or even when the percentages change. I love my kids. That is the overriding basis of our relationship. I enjoy them. I want what is best for them.

And if I who am evil know how to do what is good for my children, how much more will our Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!