One step closer, closer to the promised land…

Dana Key took that last step to the promised land last night. Right now, his God, his Father, his Savior is filling every promise He made. I don’t know exactly what that looks like, but Dana deserved it.

Dana was part of the legendary Christian rock band Degarmo & Key. He was part of Ardent Records. He signed me, recognizing something I didn’t even see. He is the reason most of you know me. He was the pastor of TLC Church in Memphis. He was a husband and father. And most importantly, he was a believer and proclaimed of Jesus Christ.

Dana was a mentor and role model to me. There’s no way I can capture what I learned here in a hotel typing on my phone. I wish I had recorded it all and could put it in a book for you: Wisdom from one Christian Generation to the Next. But I can’t.

Please be praying for his wife Anita and his children. Please pray for his church family.

Dana was a man of God. Before he was a musician, he was a minister. And before he was a minister, he was God’s child. He will be missed.