Hey everyone. We’re having a contest. I don’t know why. I don’t know why the contest doesn’t have a cool fancy name like “Get (iPod) Touch-ed by an Angel”. Actually, maybe that’s exactly why it doesn’t have a fancy name. Anyway, here are the directions as they were given to me.

1. People will click on this link that will take them to the contest page: http://ow.ly/1yxzy
2. They will enter their email address and click “Tweet to Enter”. It will automatically re-tweet the message on the person’s Twitter. They will receive a free download of ‘Gloria’, and will also be entered to win the iPod Touch.
3. The promotion will run from now until Friday, June 4th. On June 4th, we will randomly select a winner to receive the iPod Touch.

So, there you go. Follow directions, get free song. Possibly get free iPod. It’s really a no-lose situation. It doesn’t really make sense NOT to do it. It’s just free stuff. So I hope you enjoy the song. Maybe you’ll get to listen to it on your iPod. Good luck.