Okay, I know I am usually pretty serious and focused on here. We’ve tried to show the less serious side through restaurants, playlists, and books. But many of those have been serious too. So we’re going to go somewhere completely off the map. I’m sure I’ll hack off someone who thought I was the “only one” still devoted to serious things and outside of pop culture. But that’s not true. And admittedly, I love music. I love new singers. So American Idol is an ideal entertainment. I’ve never watched a whole season but I love the idea. And now with the ability to watch individual performances on the web, I don’t have to be sitting at home in front of the TV for 2 hours 3 nights a week. Now if you hate American Idol, then delete the blog and go back to whatever you were doing. But if you’re interested, if you want to weigh in with your opinion, or are just bored, let’s see where we’re starting with the Top 24 this week.

Last night we had the top 12 girls go first. So, let’s see if we can get these 12 girls down to 6. I’ll admit from the start, I only got them down to 8 this week. And it’s just one week. Anyone can still turn it around next week. Look at me. GMA tore me up at every one of the seminars/competitions I went to. Eventually they decided I was okay though. After Grace Like Rain hit. So there’s always room for improvement.

It seems to be the year of the quirky indie girl. They seem to be the ones who stand out to me. Or maybe it’s just that I like quirky indie girl singers. So let’s start with one of those, with these in no particular order.

Didi Benami sang “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson. She has really great control of what makes her voice unique. If she can just pull a few notes up, she’s killer. I’ll be interested to see how she and the rest of the vibey girls do as they start changing genres and fitting into themes. Quirky or moody only works a couple of times. But she did great this week.

Siobhan Magnus is the other girl in the lead in this category of unique voices. She took on Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” I read that this morning and went, “She did what?” I couldn’t imagine it. But she pulled it off. Actually she crushed it. It was great. She has great control of her voice. I hope she relaxes as the show goes on. She overenunciates a little and would love to see her as her nerves calm a tad. I look forward to where she chooses to go next week.

Katelyn Epperly is the best of the young ones, in my estimation. She has already learned a ton about what she is capable of, and turned in a great performance in a style most young people aren’t familiar with. And she can sing. She has the voice to take it into an extra gear if the song needs it, whereas I don’t know if some of the more songwriter style singers will have that.

Lilly Scott covered a really unusual Beatles tune, “Fixing a Hole”. She had this song down pat. They talked about her busking, which is playing on the side of the street for money. You can see some of that professionalism in her performance here. She was really comfortable and knocked it out note perfect in this first week. However, she fits into a category for me with the next girl, Katie Stevens, in that I didn’t finish this week thinking she’s going to do better next week.

Katie Stevens was dead on this week. She had great control of this tune. I’m always a little uncomfortable when a 17 year old takes on a really sensual song, but that doesn’t take away from the job she did. I think she has a great voice and did awesome. But I didn’t feel like she has an extra gear to go to, to take it up a notch when the competition gets tougher. Maybe she does and she’ll prove me wrong.

Now, Paige Miles has an extra gear. Or four. This girl can sing. I don’t know if she’ll have the vibe, look, and everything they’re looking for, but I’d agree with Simon, she has the best voice of the girls. And I loved that she did “All Right Now” by Free. Totally unexpected, but she knocked it out. So you’d think that she may have some stuff she’s more comfortable with for later weeks. I’ll be interested to see how far she can go, and what she sings for those weeks.

I already told you I couldn’t get it down to 6 this week. Here’s why.

Lacey Brown sang an old Fleetwood Mac tune, “Landslide”. She is a very interesting singer that could really blossom over the next few weeks. I hope she gets the chance to do so. She wasn’t the best this week, but she was still good. She has that quirky unique vibe that can pull off Fleetwood Mac, but in the song, you could hear she can really sing too. That’s a really interesting combination that I hope we get to hear more of. I hope she can do some interesting arrangements to bring that out.

And Crystal Bowersox. She has to be in here because she sang perfect. She’s got a cool vibe, and she really played the main guitar part. She’s down here because the song was really safe. You didn’t really get to see what she’s capable of. I’m hoping she gets to stick around long enough to show us more of what she can do, because I really enjoyed her.

Obviously, there were four more girls, that in my world have to step it up a notch next week. But it’s definitely possible. Because at least two of them can really sing. Haeley will continue to be polarizing, because you just like her. But her singing is not yet up to the rest. But she’s great. So till next time…

Let me hear what your thoughts are, unless you don’t want to. And in that case, don’t.