It’s a little odd to have played two shows and be halfway through a tour. But that’s where we are. We are out this week with Pocket Full of Rocks and Meredith Andrews. It has really been a special week already. Just three worship leaders leading the church. We started with a wonderful night in New Orleans. Even with the Super Bowl on the way, they showed up to worship and worship they did. They also reminded me that we need to be seriously praying because their mayoral election is Saturday, right before the Super Bowl. It will be easy for the election to be dwarfed by the football insanity. But they really need strong leadership to continue the rebuilding of their city. They are nowhere near recovered from Katrina, and yet it has long faded into the backlogs of the news. They will need a good mayor from these elections to lead their community, so let’s spend some time praying for them this weekend. Oh and the food was amazing.

We also went to Pace FL and met some great folks there. We had a great time with the folks from a new station WOW 90.9. It was an honor and a pleasure to worship with everyone.

And now we’re in Arkansas. We’ll be in Bentonville tonight, so everyone from Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and the surround Bentonville metropolitan area, come out and worship with us. And then tommorrow in Fort Smith, AR. See you there.