Well, here we are on the bus driving across Missouri. We’ve done 1 show just the Agnew band, 2 shows with Meredith Andrews, and now two shows with Meredith and Rush of Fools. Maybe we should add an artist every two shows. In a few months we could have everyone in Christian music on the tour. Of course, then the ticket prices would be so high that no one could come to the show and then we would all starve, so maybe that’s not so good of an idea.

But this weekend has been great in Missouri. We started in Joplin and then played El Dorado Springs last night. I know you may not have heard of that town but they were wonderful and it was a really great church. It’s good to have the Rush boys back out and see how they have grown up. And Meredith may be new, but you need to check her out. She has a powerful ministry and a wonderful voice. I wish her husband Jacob could have come as well, but he is needed back at their home church. Which I understand and appreciate.

Now we are on the way to Kentucky and then on to Mississippi, I believe. This should be a great Christmas tour. We have really enjoyed it so far. Other than the bus getting stuck at midnight last night when it was 10 degrees outside. But I guess you have to have adventures. Hope to see you soon.