Hey guys. As you know, I’m good friends with Jon and Sherry Rivers. Jenny and I stopped in to see them last weekend on our way back from the Tulsa show and I’m so excited to tell you that they are doing awesome. They are not sure what God has in store for their next season in life, but I reassured them that we hear daily from you all concerning how much you love them and miss them. Someone had suggested that Sherry do the Twitter thing but she was unsure. I thought she would be great at it and it would provide so many of you a way to hear from her consistently again. So I set it up for her. You can follow her: @sherryrivers on Twitter. I’m trying to let as many people know as possible and then in a couple of days I’m going to call her and show her how many people are signed up looking forward to hearing from her. So if you’re already on Twitter, just find her and follow. If you’re not yet, it’s another great social medium and this would be a great time to jump on. You can sign up at twitter.com, then you can follow her at @sherryriver. You can follow me at @agnewsdei. And so many other great Christian artists are on as well. You can search and find your favorites. Now just think for a moment about how you could let as many people know about this new Twitter account for Sherry, whether it’s a RT, a blog, an email, a message board post, a phone call, or just yell out your window. I’m excited about being able to encourage the Rivers in this way. Looking forward to how God uses this.