Hey everybody. The time has come. Starting today for one week, you can pre-order NEED. Well, you can pre-order it until it comes out, but the general public finds out in a week. This first week only you guys, those that are a part of our family, our community, will know about it. And we’ve included a bonus. If you order this first week, you get a free digital download of Joy Unspeakable, the first single off NEED, and a free digital download of Do You See What I See, the Christmas record.

You’ll be able to choose between two packages. One of them is a simple digital download of the album on release day, but you still get Joy Unspeakable and Do You See What I See now. The other is more expensive, but you get the digital download of NEED on release day, plus 4 bonus tracks on release day. They were some of my favorites that I couldn’t fit on the record. But you also get Joy Unspeakable and Did You See What I See now. And you get a live acoustic EP to download now. And a t-shirt. I know it’s confusing, but you can go to the link below and read all about it. So there you.

Announcement made.

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