So today it was my job to interview my friend Ted Dekker. In case you are not familiar with him, he is an incredible author, novelist, creative spirit. We actually kind of stayed on track today, which is unusual for us. The main topic of the day was his new book, Green, which hits shelves on Sept 1, but hit my shelf today. Green is the finale of the Circle Series, which includes Black, Red, and White. But it is also the beginning. It’s book four but it’s also book zero. You’ll have to read it to find out, and so will I. Ted said you could read it before Black, or after White. Most of us will be reading it after White, but for some of you this might be a really interesting launching point for you if you haven’t read any of them. I’ll be really interested to see what the experience is like for someone who reads it first.

We also talked about what it’s like to write in different genres. About half Ted’s books are thrillers, like his last book Boneman’s Daughters, and half are fantasy, like Green. It seems like it would be really difficult to switch like that. But Ted compared it to the way we switch musical styles a lot on our records. He said it might even be boring if you didn’t, and I would tend to agree. We also talked about explaining the redemption story through fiction rather than non-fiction. He said some really neat stuff that I’ll post a link to whenever they put the interview online.

And I got a sneak peek into what’s coming next, Immanuel’s Veins. It is about good and evil both trying to woo the heart of each of us, to win the hearts of all of us. For the Circle fans, it takes a deeper look at something we will find in Green, the Shaitiki entering our world. And here they resemble a certain old story about vampires…

Well, I can’t wait to read Green. In fact, I think I’ll go do that now. And you can find it on Sept 1. Till then, sorry, you’re out of luck.