Firstly, please understand that I am not directly speaking to my own record label. The problem as I understand it resides between labels as a whole and radio as a whole. I have never heard anything of this sort from my own label. Their main concern has always been how to get music in the hands (or ears) of listeners. Which I think is a pretty good goal, especially since it is my music, a lot of the time.

Second, we have already had some great comments which I wanted to pass along. We have heard about the evils of chasing after money, both true and biblical. We have been encouraged with “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God” (Matt 5:9). Which is good because we ARE sons of God. Which means that by being peacemakers, the world recognizes our Father in us. Awesome. And lastly, we were petitioned to pray for each other. I think that is incredible. To have record label people praying for the radio stations and vice versa. Not praying that the other will change their ways, but praying for their good. So thanks to everyone reading. And commenting.