Well, we’re off. Doing the second official Todd Agnew radio tour. The only other time I’ve done this was for My Jesus. Apparently most artists take time out each record, if not for each song, to travel around and talk to radio stations. I guess bringing doughnuts is a commonly held theory on how to get a station to play your song. I don’t know if we’ll be doing that or not. So anyway, the label asked me if I would do it, since I’d been off the radio radar for a while. My summer camp schedule had already wrapped up, so I said Yes. A little work can’t hurt me. Traveling around and talking about myself is not a favorite hobby, but as they taught at my church a couple of months ago, all conversations can be turned to Christ. So we’ll see how it goes.

We started this morning with KLOVE. Oddly enough, I had never been to KLOVE so it was good to get out there. I hung out with Lisa Williams and Eric Allen this morning, and I think a good time was had by all. I played Grace, My Jesus, Joy Unspeakable (the new single, and the reason for all this fiasco), and our conversation led us down some paths that ended with debuting Did You Mean Me off the new record as well.

Right now, we’re on a plane heading to Tulsa where we will start at KXOJ tomorrow morning. They have been a huge support to us over the years so it will be good to hang with them. Tomorrow afternoon we’ll be in Tampa, FL. I’ll be on WBVM at 5pm if that’s home for you. Wednesday will start in Orlando with Z88 at 8am. Then we’ll head to Sarasota.

Thursday morning we’ll be hanging with my friends Johnny and Stacey at Star 99 in NYC. Oh wait, Stacey’s going to a wedding, so I will be hanging with my friend Johnny at Star 99 in NYC. I think it’s 7-9am. Two more interviews in NYC then off to Minneapolis. We’ll finish there on Friday and go home for the weekend. I have no idea what we’re doing next week.

But this week is full and hopefully we’ll cross some of your paths, hit some of your home radio stations.