Alright, time to get started. I’m going to include the questions from the study guide. For those who are new, we’re reading through The Hole In Our Gospel by Richard Stearns. Anyone reading with us is invited to comment your answers to share with us as a community. You can answer whenever you have time, one question at a time or whatever. Just male sure you include the question so we know what you’re talking about. Here goes.

1) Rich Stearns says that until he went to Rakai, Uganda, he lived in a bubble, insulated from anything too raw or upsetting. Can you identify with this? If so, what factors do you think contribute to the existence of your bubble?

2) Do you agree that poverty and suffering in the world have been – and are – drowned out by “choruses of praise music in hundreds of thousands of churches across our country”? Why or why not? What is your church doing to help the poor? How can you help it do more? Brainstorm ideas (and create an action list) with other members of your church.

3) What is the “bingo card” gospel, and what’s wrong with it? Do you agree that the gospel requires more of us than just believing the right things?Might there be “holes” in your own interpretation of the gospel? Brainstorm with friends about what those areas might be in your lives or, perhaps, in the life of your church.

4) Thinking of Jim Wallis’s experiment with his Bible, are there passages in the Bible you would prefer to overlook or ignore? What are they and why do you want to ignore them?

5) Rich described his journey through unemployment and the lessons he learned from those times. We’ve all faced hard times. How have such times broken you? How did those times change you?

6) The story of the rich young ruler goes deeper than money alone. What are you blessed with that you might be withholding from God? Your time or talent? Other things? Discuss this question and ways to break through any reluctance to give all to the Lord.

7) Rich writes that “Sometimes, in fact often, God’s blessings often come through our sufferings…”. As Christians, we are often quick to praise God when good things happen, but what about when bad things happen? What scriptures can you find that speak to this?

I am really looking forward to sharing in this with you. Yes, I’ll do my homework as well. Till then, breathe worship.