To all of you considering reading along with me,

I am really excited about this book. You can get it at most Christian bookstores for a little over $18. Amazon has it for $15.63 but with shipping it will be about the same if not a little more. For those of you who listen to books, it is available on iTunes for $11.

For everyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, I suggested we read a book together. It is called “The Hole in the Gospel” by Richard Stearns. I know this isn’t for everyone. But for those who are interested, I think it may be a neat experience. I looked at the book last night and realized it is divided into 5 parts. Each part has a few chapters. So I think we may aim at discussing 1 part per week. I’m going to look quickly at the introduction today, share a bit of it with you, and maybe a question or two. Then we will be set up to look at Part One next week sometime.  To give you a taste, this is the first paragraph of the Introduction:

“What does God expect of us? That’s what this book is about. It’s a simple question, really. But is the answer so simple? What is the Christian faith about? Going to church every Sunday, saying grace before meals, and avoiding the most serious sins – or does God expect more?”

Since you are probably here because you connected with my music in some way, I think most of you think God has more for our lives than what we have seen in most of modern Christianity. I think you may be willing to dig deeper.  I think this book will challenge us in that direction.

Mr. Stearns asks a couple of very pointed questions: “…as Christians, are we really given the option of turning away from the world’s problems? Does God permit that?”

What do you think? Can we turn away from the world’s problems and be living as God intended? What problems does this include? Economic? Social? Health?

Mr. Stearns says we should not only have a personal faith, but we should make our faith public. How can you do that in your life?

Well, there’s a few questions to get you started thinking along these lines.  I look forward to sharing in this with you.