Hello Friends. It’s Todd. If you came to see the Christmas Tour 08 edition this last winter, you will have already made the acquaintance of Andrew McKinney. He was the singer who was not Anthony Evans and he played bass for most of the tour. If you missed the tour, Andrew is basically my little brother. He is very dear to me and I lived with his family for three years in Houston. It was during that time period that I wrote and recorded Grace Like Rain, so it’s a pretty special time. Maybe I should move back there. Anyway, he is an amazing godly young man and is in a band called Darcy. I am passing on his email below and I would definitely appreciate you guys supporting him. As you know, I don’t ask you for much. Now, I am not a professional myspacer so the link he speaks of may not work. You may have to do it the old fashioned way and copy and paste it. I know, such work. But thanks so much for doing it and supporting a group of great young guys. Thanks.


PS The PS at the bottom is from Andrew so you can celebrate with him, not from me as I am already taken.

Hello Everyone,

So, some of you might know me and others might only know me as Joe McKinney’s son but you should all know that I am trying to earn my living as a free lance musician. The band that I have been playing with (Darcy) for almost two years now has been entered into a contest to play the Cornerstone Festival just outside of Chicago. This is one of the largest music festivals in the U.S. and the kicker is with your votes we could play the mainstage. The top vote getter in the new band showcase will get to play with some very prominent bands on the mainstage of the festival.

So what I hope your asking now yourself is how can I vote? Well I’m so glad that you asked. If you were to create an account at the cornerstone website(no spam or info required of you) you can go to our page and vote every day. My birthday is coming up in May and this would be an amazing (and free) gift. If you could make it apart of your internet habit to vote daily it would vault us to the number 1 spot and we would play the mainstage. We are currently ranked 5th. Please help us become number 1. Thank you so much for your time.

Just click on the link below to get started.


Much love everyone,

Andrew McKinney

P.S. I’m engaged to Monica Segui and have clearly worked my way up!!!!