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I know it’s late for Christmas, but…

One song stuck out to me this Christmas season. It presents such a strong message of the gospel, and yet I’d always overlooked it before. It’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.” For many years, I’ve seen this as a fairly lightweight song about getting rest and being happy. Admittedly that

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Bible as Worship Training

Worship leaders, if you were training another worship leader and had to make sure they really understood one book of the Bible, what would it be? And yes, I know you like all of the books of the Bible. But what one would affect their understanding of worship and worship

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The Speed of Art

Last spring, I attended the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College in Michigan. There were many heralded and famous writers there, but my favorite session was on writing fictional characters with an author I had not yet heard of: Shawn Smucker. So, when the conference was over, I

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Psalms in Worship

There has been much conversation lately about including the Psalms in worship to a greater extent. The Word of God can be such a powerful part of our worship experience, yet many times, we choose to sing the words of men. Those songs definitely have value as well, but the

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