Gray/Agnew Fall Tour Weekend #6

Well, it’s over. If you missed it, then you missed out on one of the best tours I’ve ever been a part of. If we didn’t make it to you, then I wish we could have. It has really been a wonderful tour. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very glad to be home. That’s way better than tour. But I’m still a little sad that it’s over. Jason is a wonderful artist and a good friend. Spencer and Nate also grew into friends during our time together and I am so grateful for all the work they did as a part of this tour.

The weekend started in Wilmington, NC. I’ve played there a number of times, but I had no idea that Jason owns that town! I was just riding on his coattails, but it was a lot of fun. We met some great families, and were very thankful both for the Hartsells and the church. It was a great night.

Then we jumped in the van to head to Fredericksburg, VA. We had another good night with Positive Hits radio and their great listeners. We did have the most awkward moment of the tour, which I could try to explain, but honestly, you just had to be there.  Jason was pretty sick that night, but he pushed through, and did a great job.

Saturday we were in Bethalto, IL. Another wonderful night. Spencer’s family got to come out and we enjoyed seeing them. Since it was almost the end of the tour, I busted out When Love Comes To Town for Jason. It’s one of his favorites. I hadn’t played it in a long time, and I remembered why it’s such a great song.

We finished Sunday night in Smithfield, PA. Jason was under the weather again, but he made it through. I felt it was a really honest night. We were quite obviously engaged and giving our all, but also weary.

And then we went home. Sad to see it go, glad to be home. Maybe we can do it again sometime.

Anyone want to share thoughts from the tour?


A Day of Glory

My church, Austin Stone Community Church, released our first Christmas record today. Most of it is live with three new songs we wrote at the end. I really hope that it blesses your family this Christmas. I led one song live (Hallelujah, What A Savior) and wrote another (How Great Is Our Joy). God is doing some wonderful things at our church and I’m so glad we get to share the Christmas season with you. It’s a worship album, not just popular Christmas songs with sleigh bells. Not that there’s anything wrong with sleigh bells. Anyway, I’ll include a link below so you can find it easily.

If you get the record and listen to it, please comment below and let us know what you think. Thanks,


Gray/Agnew Fall Tour Weekend #5

What a unique weekend!  We started in Henryville, IN, a little north of Louisville, KY.  This town had really been torn up by a tornado this spring, and the church brought us in as an encouragement to their people.  We had a really great night. Wonderful pastor and great people.

The next day we were in Wabash IN at the Eagles Theater. Cool theater, wonderful hotel across the street.  Good night, slightly overshadowed by this strange moment near the end of the night. Jason and I had gotten off on this weird tangent (which, of course, is very rare), and we were talking about recording vocals when you’re sick.  At which point, someone in the audience yells out, “Kiss him!” I’m not exactly sure who she was talking to, but regardless, that did not happen.  It did win the award for most awkward moment of the tour.

Saturday, we were supposed to play an outdoor show after dark, and it was going to get down into the 30’s. Fortunately they chose to move it indoors, which also helped with the Inferno 2012 theme.  Not that it was hot inside, just hotter than freezing.  Still, we had a good night with some great people.  We got to have dinner with our friend Brenda who was celebrating her birthday.

And Sunday was easily the best night of the tour.  We had a sold out show in Liberty Township, Ohio.  And the people were wonderful.  It was a safe place full of people who had come to encounter Jesus and worship Him.  I played a few songs everyone knew and then switched gears and taught them “You Are Good” off H2BL.  They jumped in and we had a powerful evening.  I also included Sometimes By Step, an old favorite from Rich Mullins.  Jason and I both played some really vulnerable songs in the second half of the night.  It was a really amazing evening and I am very grateful for all who came, not only that night but all weekend.

We only have one more weekend, but it’s a big one.  Five shows, across North Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and ending in Texas.  I will be sad to see this tour end, but I’m sure we will have a great weekend.  Thanks to everyone who has been a part, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of you this weekend.


Fall Tour Weekend #4

Well, it was really good to have a weekend off to be home. Unfortunately I also got sick. While I definitely wasn’t 100%, we did make it through the shows this weekend. Friday, I was actually away from the tour doing a show with the reunited Big Tent Revival in Turlock CA. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful part of the country. Big Tent was also on Ardent the generation before I was. So we spent the day trading stories about the studio and our experiences there. It was a really wonderful time. And I really loved getting to hear them play again. I pulled my own little stunt by closing my set with my favorite Big Tent song, The Ballad of Arlis Richards.

The other great thing about Friday night was that it was a fundraiser for Prodigal Sons & Daughters, which is a recovery ministry there in Turlock. They are a wonderful group of people with an exciting ministry. It was really great getting to know them.

Then Saturday I rejoined Jason and the guys in Tulsa. It was a unique show to say the least. It was the closing of a women’s conference. A first for me, but apparently Jason does it all the time. But it wasn’t actually part of the conference. I think. But most of the rest of Tulsa didn’t know about it. So it was a really intimate show. Also, we were in between two wedding receptions both with blaring DJs. So there was a weird background music behind everything we did. But it was still a neat night with some great people. They were very kind, able to focus on what God was doing amid the distractions.

Looking forward to a great weekend in Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio.


End of #7in7

Well, 7in7 was tough this year. In case you don’t know, 7in7 is an exercise some of my friends started in which we write seven songs in seven days. You have to start from scratch every day. And you have to finish. It’s a really draining process, but I did better than in years past.

This year was hard because I was leading worship on Sunday, it was my one week home in the middle of tour so I really needed to be plugged in with the family, and I got sick halfway through. Still, I ended up with 5 mediocre songs, two good ones, and one really cool piano part that I’ll save for later.

The interesting thing this year was where the songs came from. One came from studying that I’ve been doing for almost half a year getting ready for this song. So that makes sense. One came straight from the Bible but to finish it, I ended up doing a lot more studying on how the Bible describes a man who is blessed. Another was a worship response to a verse in the Bible. One was a response to a very difficult study my wife and I are doing right now. It ended up digging into topics that I would have never attempted to write a song about. All in all it was once again an awesome experience.

If you’re a songwriter, keep track and we’ll announce the next time we do it. Maybe you can take the journey with us.


#7in7 Day One: Most

Well, today was the first day of 7in7. For those of you new to the idea, each fall many of my friends and I go through the exercise of writing 7 songs in 7 days. You have to start from scratch every day. And you have to finish every day. It’s a really difficult but awesome experience. And it started today.

So I’m not sure how much I’m going to blog about it this year. I think my focus needs to be on writing not blogging. But I’ll try to write at least a couple to keep you in the loop. I started on Day One with a song that’s been simmering for a while. When we were on the Austin Stone Writer’s Retreat, Aaron showed us a Polish short film called Most. It is a commonly told story about a bridge controller whose son wanders into the gears, and the father must sacrifice the son in order to save those on the train. The film is really powerful. And at the time, I really wanted to explore the idea of the grief of God, but felt it was too heavy of a topic to address without preparing both studying and praying. So I’ve been doing that.

But today was the day I dug back into the idea. I really love what came out. I just so often overlook how painful it must have been for God to sacrifice his Son. I don’t think I could do that. I don’t live in recognition of those feelings. I paint God as this selfless, emotionless being. But His selflessness actually came at great emotional cost. And most days I miss that. The song starts, “You gave Him for us, Your only child, only son.” What a huge statement, what a truth.



Fall Tour with Jason Gray #3

Well, we had another great weekend. We might be getting too comfortable with each other, because we’re starting to interrupt each other and take up extra time with jokes. But it makes us laugh and have a good time. Hopefully, it doesn’t cause too much distraction from the show.

Anyway, we started this weekend in Elizabethtown, KY. We played at the State Theater, which was a great venue with some cool folks. I tried out the heaven set again and it went a little better this time. We had a great crowd, including some good friends from both the Gray and Agnew sides of life. I also received one of the more unusual compliments in my life thus far: “Todd, you remind me of Rich Mullins in two ways: in your humility and in your body shape.” Body shape? I must admit that as much as I love Rich, I am not familiar with his body shape. Oh well. I’ll just assume it’s a good thing.

Next we moved to Titusville FL for a couple of shows Friday and Saturday. Titusville is outside of Orlando, near the Space Center, and there are two churches merging, New Venture Church and Rocketown Church. They brought us in as one of their first events as a joint body. And so of course, on night #2, I had to open with what? Right… old Michael W. Smith. It was awesome. But really we had a great two nights there. Ate rock shrimp at Dixie Crossroads due to some advice we received on Twitter. Also awesome. And we saw some wonderful friends from Hutchmoot.

Hopefully, the next wonderful friends we see will be you. We’re taking this weekend off, but then we’re back to it, starting in Tulsa on the 27th. See you there.


iPad vs iLast

I’m frustrated with Apple. The company not the fruit.  They make cool products but they also plan for them to be obsolete in a year or two.  And if for some reason, they still work then they update it to the point that it no longer functions.  Now don’t get me wrong.  I am both an Apple fan and asupporter.  I have a Mac desktop, laptop, iPhone, and iPad.  I ran my laptop into the ground.  It was great.  But I have both an iPhone and an iPad that while not being the newest models, still work okay, except that with all the updates, they barely function.  Half the apps on my iPad work, and my iPhone is so slow that it’s almost useless. Now, this isn’t an Apple bashing session.  I suppose it’s just a different business model than artisans of the past.  People used to take pride in their work, making things that would last.  Now we make things that are very shiny, but are never intended to be long term.

As I was getting angry about my Apple products, it started me thinking about other things where this can be true as well.  Ministry, for example.  It is really easy to get sucked into the idea that we have to have the biggest, loudest, coolest methods and machinery in our ministry, when we’re not really building things that will last.   I think this is especially true in youth ministry.  Sometimes we can try so hard to attract students, thinking we must use so many tricks to keep their attention, that we can fail to really grow disciples.  There is a reason that many students leave the church when they go to college.  They have not grown into a mature faith.

Another area is parenting.  It is so easy to focus on today.  I have a tendency to want to pursue immediate obedience, possibly at the cost of what would actually be best for my kids.  One decision that causes immediate change might hurt our relationship, closing the door to future influence.  It is easy to want a child to act a certain way, but I might not be helping them become the kind of person that would choose that path.

I just wonder in our lives what decisions do we make that cause today to be better or easier instead of investing in something that lasts.




Gray/Agnew Fall Tour Weekend #2

We had a really great weekend. It takes a few days to settle in to tour, to the rhythm of travel, to remembering how to play your songs, to develop relationships within the group. But this weekend, we really found our groove. I hope you get to see this tour because it’s already one of my favorite tours I’ve ever done. It’s really intimate, but still quality. And Jason just has wonderful songs. You really need to hear them.

We started the weekend in Lombard, IL, which is a suburb of Chicago. I’d love to say the highlight was our show, but… we talked our driver into taking us to Portillo’s to get hot dogs. Awesome! But the night was good as well. I tried something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while, and used my whole first set to look at the concept of heaven. How that hope affects our lives here. I don’t know if anyone else liked it, but I enjoyed trying it. Then we headed to Salt Lake City for a great show. We had a great Q&A beforehand that kind of altered the approach to the show. It was a very intimate, almost confidential show, although it was the biggest show of the tour so far. Then we were on to Phoenix, playing at Grand Canyon University. It was my first time to play in a bowling alley. But again the vibe of the show was really cool. I took a different approach again and let my whole first set be corporate worship. It really set the stage for the rest of the night. I must admit being a little distracted because the Longhorns were playing WV on the TV in the bowling alley. Oh well. We finished up the weekend in Midway NM, which is right outside of Roswell. You may be asking yourself, “I wonder if Jason Gray talked everyone into going to the UFO museum?” And you would be correct. Pictures can be found on Jason’s instagram account. But it was a cool show too. Really relaxed and a lot of fun. I really love the guys we’re traveling with and I think that’s obvious from the stage.

Anyway, thanks to all who joined us this weekend. Hope to see the rest of you soon. Check the tour page to see if we’re coming near you.