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Glory To Our Great Redeemer: The Lyrics

Glory to our great redeemer Spotless Lamb for sinners slain My pardon purchased, my ransom paid Glory glory to His name Glory to our great redeemer Died my death that I might live Such costly grace He so freely gives Glory glory to His name Glory to our perfect sacrifice

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Glory To Our Great Redeemer: The Story

Years ago, I read a book that asked why we use so many metaphors for what happened at the cross. We say that sins were forgiven, covered, pardoned, that Christ was a lamb, a sacrifice, a substitution, that we were redeemed, rescued, ransomed. The author asked which one of these

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The Persistent Shelf

I have always had books on my desk and nightstand. Okay, I don’t have a nightstand. You caught me. I just pile books on my headboard. But now that I am in seminary, these books seem to just stack up, waiting to be read. So I thought every once in

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Challenged by The Music of Strangers

I went to see The Music of Strangers yesterday, a beautiful new documentary about Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. Yo-Yo Ma has long been one of the greatest cellists on the planet, but the Silk Road Ensemble has been a new adventure for him, beginning in 2000. The

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