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Goodbye Old Friend

Well, it was time. The old white van took us around the country many times. The van brought us to most of the concerts where we met you. It was a 2001 Ford E350 15-passenger van with over 340,000 miles. The air conditioning hasn’t worked in over a year. I’ve

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Current Status

Married, with children. Is that the right response to a status question. I don’t keep up with these things. Well, in the first post on the new site, I promised to update you guys on life so here we go. Jenny and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary in

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The new website is live!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new site! Much thanks to Nick Perreault at Nikabrik Design for all the work he did on it. I am working on a lot of new stuff, musically, educationally, blog-ally, so check back soon and see what goes on here. I’d really like to rebuild

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Gloria on DiscoverWorship

Attention Worship Leaders: My song “Gloria” is featured in this week’s Discover Worship newsletter. Check out the song, a blog, Discover Worship’s online subscription service (and a free 3-song trial)! “Gloria” featured in the Discover Worship newsletter. Thanks. Todd
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