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The new website is live!

Hey everyone, welcome to the new site! Much thanks to Nick Perreault at Nikabrik Design for all the work he did on it. I am working on a lot of new stuff, musically, educationally, blog-ally, so check back soon and see what goes on here. I’d really like to rebuild

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Gloria on DiscoverWorship

Attention Worship Leaders: My song “Gloria” is featured in this week’s Discover Worship newsletter. Check out the song, a blog, Discover Worship’s online subscription service (and a free 3-song trial)! “Gloria” featured in the Discover Worship newsletter. Thanks. Todd

Songs From Camp – Estes Park

Hey guys, here are the songs from camp as promised. So, the yellow script to the side of each song is a link to buy the song on iTunes. I don’t know why it’s yellow. And I can’t figure out how to change it right now. If you’d like to

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Stupid Ladders, Stupid Me

So a few weeks ago, I fell off a ladder. Yep, just fell off of it. Feet were 7 feet in the air and then I was on the ground. It hurt. My knee still hurts. But the point of the story is not for you to feel sorry for

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