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Graduation Day, part three

I recently graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in Theology. I am writing a series of blogs about that experience. This is #3. You’re welcome to go back and read the first two or just jump in here. My first two years I focused on academics, specifically languages

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Graduation Day, part two

In seminary, most of my homework was due at 11:59pm on a given day. Many people turned their homework in at 11:58. And here I am, sneaking under the wire again, posting my Wednesday blog right before it turns to Thursday. But I was pleasantly surprised to find in grad

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Graduation Day, pt. 1

On May 12, 2018, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters of Theology degree. It was a long time coming. I never graduated from college the first time, leaving to continue a career in music. But decades later, my amazing wife encouraged me to pursue this line of

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While Supplies Last: $10 CD’s & Tee’s!

Cruise into summer with a new t-shirt (or 3) and Todd Agnew’s entire catalog on compact disc (come on, now…y’all remember how much fun those shrink-wrapped pieces of plastic are!). Hurry…because this sale–like summer–won’t last forever!
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